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Elvis Presley Cloakroom System-A Cabinetry World

2019/08/29 12:23




    The core design concept of the cloakroom is not only to build a reasonable clothing storage classification system, but also to help people establish good storage habits, and then change it into  an  indispensable lifestyle. It will always be easy for you to find Find the things you need now, and find a sense of belonging that you have been missing for a long time.




      Diverse and selectable elements build your own cloakroom: drawers for folding clothes, push-pull baskets for sundries, storage compartments and boxes of different specifications, and small leather boxes for shoes. The storage function not only meets the needs of various types of storage in people's lives, but also creates a rich level of space, creating a good space that is both interesting and warm.

       In terms of material  selection, the cabinet body can also choose to paste environmentally-friendly artificial leather laminates, which brings people an extraordinary texture and touch. The cloakroom is equipped with a touchable LED light source, adding a touch of elegance to the original elegant storage space.





      The visual tension created by color always plays a vital role in a space. The combination of different color systems creates a completely different sense of visual harmony and balance. For example, the choice of cream grey and camel yellow brings a completely different visual experience: a quiet and elegant, a smart and playful active. The flexible combination makes the home space flourish. There is also a combination of different colors between the back panel and the cabinet, which can be matched according to the type of clothing and display needs. The choice of color plays a subversive role in the cloakroom in a space. The temperament can also be cool and elegant, and it can also be warm and quiet.



       The customized cloakroom design gives people full display and functionality on the basis of making full use of space. The focus is no longer on advocating gorgeous and complex shapes, but on pulling in the relationship between people and objects, emphasizing people-oriented and object-oriented The Lord ’s customized system enables you who love life to know how to enjoy the happiness and satisfaction created by good interaction with objects.